The Liberty Blockhouse Festival Committee along with other area organizations are working to raise funds to renovate the Liberty Community Building at the park. The building is in need of major repairs. The roof needs replaced, there is mold in the insulation which makes an unhealthy environment and there are drainage issues.

We would like to renovate the existing building and replace the roofing, siding and insulate the entire structure. We plan to add an addition to increase the size from 45' x 65' to 59' x 75'.  A French drain will be installed along the outside perimeter to resolve the water issues.

The next phase will include completing the interior with new walls, new flooring, new bathroom fixtures and kitchen appliances, new electrical service, plumbing and heating. There will be access to the bathrooms from the inside and outside making them available for the baseball season and other community events.

Total cost of this project is estimated at $200,000.00 to 225,000.00. To date, we have raised $97,400.00.

Anyone wishing to donate to this project, please make a check payable to Liberty Blockhouse Festival Committee and put building renovation in the memo section. Mail to Barbara Roupp, 1939 Milk Plant Road, Liberty, PA 16930. The Liberty Blockhouse Festival Committee, Inc. is a 501 C organization and any contributions are tax deductible.

Thank you to all who have helped with our fundraising.